Eviscurbate (version 2) [Music Video] • December, 2021

Eviscurbate (version 1) [Music Video] • December, 2021

(self-titled) [EP] • 2016
Physical CDs available

Albany, New York


Craig Evans – Voice
Michael Lejeune – Guitar, Bass, Keys
Michael Schmidt – Drums, Percussion

[ progressive // blackened death metal // melodic death metal // thrash ]


After working together in Son of Mourning and A Skin For Dancing In, drummer Michael Schmidt and Michael Lejeune knew that their particular alchemy was capable of forging something esoteric and dark, highlighting influences they shared in black, progressive, and post metal.

Their prior effort, A Skin For Dancing In, had concluded after a demo recording that showed much promise but needed more refinement and better production.

With the addition of music instructor Craig Evans on vocals, the trio set out to assemble something worthy of their vision. The three song EP hit the mark, evoking the depth and complexity in musical arragement and lyrical composition that they had imagined from the start.