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Frankly, About Music

Until now, the music of singer-songwriter Frank Schoonbeck’s solo career has been unavailable on the web.  Today we launch the Bandcamp account of this frequent Quadrivalent collaborator, with unlimited free listens to all tracks of his three solo albums.

Frank’s contribution to the music scene in New York’s Capital Region for the last several decades has been well recognized by local musicians.  He sat in with countless bands, participated in many recordings, and stood on numerous stages, entertaining and inspiring.  His last record, Before Sunrise, was recorded and engineered at QRV’s own Biscuit Bend studio.

In addition to Before Sunrise, which has a minimalist, man-with-acoustic-guitar feel, rock ensemble albums KNew and Music in Voice are also available at Frank’s Bandcamp:

Later this year, music duo Mother’s Mistakes (of which Frank was half) will release two music videos.  Subscribe to be notified!