nil significant


passager [Music Video] • October 17, 2021

cincture [Music Video] • June 29, 2021

all hollow things are light [LP] • 2016
Physical CDs available

Troy, New York


Michael LeJeune – Keys, Sequencing, Sampling, Voice, Guitar
Jenn Barnett – Guest Vocals

[ electronica // IDM // soundtrack // ambient // industrial ]


A mutant beast comprised of sci-fi soundtrack and symphonic dirge, lumbering across your mind with lush samples layered under classic synth melody. It’s grisly presentation is balanced with veins of industrial edge. For fans of Lusine, Orb, Autechre, Proem, and others.

Nine Inch Nails fans will find a familiar musical DNA in “cincture”. The first track on the album, “axiomateer”, has been compared to the theme for Stranger Things. “wax homeostatic” will appeal to those interested in exploring the intersection of jazz orchestra and electronic rhythm.