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Plans for a Pro Music Video Foiled

Noah and the Chilly Boys managed to acquire enough aluminum foil and LEDs to realize their dream of creating a music video that perfectly fits the tone of their debut single. As a team of five “adults”, it can be difficult to manage the hurdles that come along with time management, teamwork, and creative collaboration. It’s nice to see that they’re not afraid to poke fun at themselves and have a good time along the way.

Watch and giggle: “Abduction”

The Antarctican Joins QRV

Quadrivalent Records welcomes metal band The Antarctican to its humble roster!

The band hails from Ballston Lake, New York, where they compose groove/power metal, citing influences like Nevermore, Haken, Scar Symmetry, Gojira, Blind Guardian, and Control Denied.

Listen to “Abduction”:

The Antarctican – Abduction

Unofficial Bio:

Actively denying that pandemic boredom spawned a metal band, the members of The Antarctican indulge a fantasy that their project comes from the lethal desolation of that icy continent, a primordial cross-section of unfathomable extra-terrestrial sophistication, mutagenic radioactive reptile droppings, and limitless volcanoes of molten mental magma.  What The Antarctican is not, they assure you, is five guys from upstate New York who argue about squirrels a lot.

You can check out the band at their page here at Quadrivalent, or visit them on social media:

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