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Entombed by a Sweet Embrace

On this day in 1919, a 30-foot-high, 2.3 million gallon sugary tsunami of death unleashed its fury on the streets of Boston. 21 people died, and many more were injured.

This real-life molasses disaster is the subject of a song named after it, by metal band Outnumber the Living.

Listen on YouTube, Spotify, or Bandcamp (lyrics follow):

Outnumber the Living – The Molasses Massacre of 1919

Outnumber the Living – The Molasses Massacre of 1919

Our greed had gone too far
So by some act of fate
With a banshee’s groan
The tower collapsed and sweet death spilled forth

The slow rush of inevitable disaster
A crawling mass
Consuming and suffocating
Trees uprooted
Our strongest towers toppled
Overwhelming in a tidal wave of childhood dreams

Everything I had to give is now
Lost in the flood
The enchantment of being entombed
By a sweet embrace
Is too hard to resist

Caught up in rapture
None can turn away
Then it’s upon you
Now a writhing mass of syrup and the dying

A piece of cake, you’d say
Such a thing could be outrun

It keeps holding on
It keeps holding on
It keeps ahold
It’s everything we are

It has my legs
But it will never have
The love I share with you

It’s otherworldly
Some alien presence
Has chosen its time
To feast

Everything I had to give is now
Lost in the flood
The enchantment of being entombed
By a sweet embrace
Is too hard to resist

It feeds on all our fears and passions

Frankly, About Music

Until now, the music of singer-songwriter Frank Schoonbeck’s solo career has been unavailable on the web.  Today we launch the Bandcamp account of this frequent Quadrivalent collaborator, with unlimited free listens to all tracks of his three solo albums.

Frank’s contribution to the music scene in New York’s Capital Region for the last several decades has been well recognized by local musicians.  He sat in with countless bands, participated in many recordings, and stood on numerous stages, entertaining and inspiring.  His last record, Before Sunrise, was recorded and engineered at QRV’s own Biscuit Bend studio.

In addition to Before Sunrise, which has a minimalist, man-with-acoustic-guitar feel, rock ensemble albums KNew and Music in Voice are also available at Frank’s Bandcamp:

Later this year, music duo Mother’s Mistakes (of which Frank was half) will release two music videos.  Subscribe to be notified!

How Do You Like the New Digs?

The label has finally found a home all its own.  Welcome to the new webpage exclusively for Quadrivalent Records, a micro independent record label based in Upstate New York.  To learn about the artists on the label and give them a listen, check the //Artists menu.

Unlike many well known labels, the genres represented by our roster vary widely.  The //Artists page has a breakdown of styles for you to browse.

If this is your first visit here, have a look around.  Consider subscribing to receive updates in your email (satisfying to delete!) or follow if you’re a WordPress user.