Mother’s Mistakes


Seldom Reached and Never Kept [LP] • 2018
Physical CDs available

(self-titled) [LP] • 2013
Physical CDs available

Elegy [music video] • April 11, 2022

Cohoes, New York


Michael LeJeune – Voice, Guitars, Keys, Sampling, Drum Programming
Frank Schoonbeck – Voice, Bass, Keys, Sampling

[ rock // progressive rock ]


From the minds of two homeless doomsday prophets, words that were first scrawled on sandwich boards and sounds that began in overtaxed guts. Heed their lessons, hard-earned from ordeal and ordure alike.

Once in a great while, a musician meets someone with whom their creative chemistry just works. Frank Schoonbeck and Michael Lejeune found this kind of sought-after overlap between them while working in folk/alt-rock ensemble Daybloom together, and chose to follow it. Their mutual love for progressive rock laid out an obvious path, that eventually led them to produce two LPs of engaging, diverse music.

Fans of Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and classic prog bands like Yes, Camel, ELP, and King Crimson will find something they like in Mother’s Mistakes.