I read an article some time ago written by someone who founded and later chose to shut down a record label. He said something to the effect that, in the end, a label should respond to a need that it can fulfill. That if it isn’t championing the voice of a group or niche of underheard artists, it is exploiting the music culture that it is taking up space in.

That resonates with me. I love that there is a world of producers, promoters, engineers, and artists that work to make the music and experiences we as audiophiles and fans connect to with such intensity. Music means so much to so many people; it is not hard to perceive the heroism of its creators and heralds.

Quadrivalent is not one of those labels.

It doesn’t take up real estate in the cultural landscape hungrily sought after by burgeoning musical talent. We prefer to work in tandem with other labels rather than compete. We don’t hoard artists who would be better served elsewhere, or derive any proceeds from their works. Any artist on the roster that would like to work with another label is free to do so, and QRV will help in any way it can.

I believe deeply in these artists and their art, and I take pride in my contribution to it, be it creative or only as label representative. I know these works to have value that you and so many other listeners can resonate with. That conviction is what inspires me to maintain this space and to use this voice.